Bup is a backup system based on the git packfile format. The current version shipped in Fedora is 0.29.2, which is from 2018. This will provide a quick guide on how to build Bup from source.

First, install some system dependencies:

dnf install fuse-devel libacl-devel perl-Time-HiRes

Now we need the Python dependencies. python3-fuse doesn’t appear to exist, only python2-fuse. Not only is the latter package very old, but since Fedora 31 there has been a mass migration from Python 2 to 3. Unfortunately, bup hasn’t fully been ported to Python 3 yet and will not start if you invoke it with Python 3.

For simplicity, we’ll use a virtualenv:

virtualenv -p python2 ~/.venv
source ~/.venv/bin/activate
pip2 install pyxattr pylibacl

Then build it:

make long-check

The configure script will automatically detect which Python binary is used to invoke bup. Remember to run it inside the virtualenv.