Disable automatic redirect to a website if typing an invalid URL

Example, you type firefox build/html/fedora/gcc.rst (where gcc.rst doesn’t exist) and it opens up Go to about:config and set browser.fixup.alternate.enabled to false.

Glitchy UI when using custom GTK theme

If you are using a custom GTK theme for your window manager, you need to instruct Firefox to use the default theme. On XFCE, this will be something like:

env GTK_THEME=Adwaita:light firefox

If that’s inconvenient, you can add the change to Firefox directly. Go to about:config and add a new key called widget.content.gtk-theme-override. Set the value to Adwaita:light or whatever you prefer.

Enabling Secure DNS and Encrypted SNI

For some reason, this is disabled by default. First, ensure you’re using Cloudflare’s DNS servers and Then go to Firefox Options > General > Network Settings and check the box “Enable DNS over HTTPS” (by default this will use Mozilla’s provider). Then, in about::config set network.trr.bootstrapAddress to and to true. After restarting your browser, run the test at to check your results.