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Last modified: Sat Aug 6 09:55


There are a few issues regarding the lack of LD_LIBRARY_PATH for Fish such as weird LD_LIBRARY_PATH behavior #2456 where the developers have stated that they won’t add support for it. Putting env LD_LIBRARY_PATH before a command works, but something like set -gx LD_LIBRARY_PATH ... $LD_LIBRARY_PATH in your config file does not work as intended. The workaround is to add this after your normal set invocation:

set -xg LD_LIBRARY_PATH (printf '%s\n' $LD_LIBRARY_PATH | paste -sd:)

The solution credit goes to lucasb-eyer.

Unable to find LibLZMA

Try installing xz-libs and xz-devel. For some reason, the maintainers have changed the name from LZMA Utils to XZ Utils.

Unable to find wxWidgets

For some reason, for some projects that depend on GTK2, installing wxGTK isn’t sufficient. You also need compat-wxGTK3-gtk2 (and the -devel packages if necessary).

Update all repositories in the current directory

Two use-cases for this are updating vim plugins or golang packages. Zarat at StackOverflow suggests this:

find . -mindepth 1 -maxdepth 1 -type d -print -exec git -C {} pull \;

If you are using the Fish shell, you need to quote the brackets, ‘{}’. See issue #95.

YouCompleteMe crashes due to libtinfo.so version mismatch

As pointed out by pdavydov108 in YouCompleteMe issue #778, the fix is to install ncurses-compat-libs. Fedora comes with libtinfo.so.6, however, the version of Clang required by YouCompleteMe has a dependency on libtinfo.so.5.

KeePassHttp no longer works

If you were using keepasshttp-connector it is now deprecated in favor of keepassxc-browser. Install smorks’ keepassnatmsg plugin for compatibility with normal KeePass (instead of KeePassXC).

Disable TCP/IP and use sockets for MySQL

On Linux, MySQL will create a socket in a location defined by the socket variable found in /etc/my.cnf. For example, the value may be /usr/lib/mysql/mysql.sock. However, by default, it will still listen on a TCP port, which may be undesirable if you don’t plan on exposing your server to the Internet. Simply add skip-networking to /etc/my.cnf.

SELinux is preventing abrt-action-sav from write access on the directory /var/lib/rpm

If you are receiving this error or a similar one involving dbenv.lock, it means that your /var/lib/rpm directory has the wrong SELinux contexts applied to it. Verify this with ls -alZ /var/lib/rpm/. You should see files/directories with the var_lib_t rather than rpm_var_lib_t label. This may be the result of bug #1461313 where running rpm --rebuilddb will set the wrong context on the entire directory. Fix it by running sudo restorecon -rv /var/lib/rpm.

Swapping Desktop Environments

It is a common question, especially in the IRC channel #fedora on how to remove gnome, after say, installing XFCE or maybe KDE. The one answer that not a lot of people provide (or may not know works) is using dnf swap.

# Example: Swapping from GNOME to KDE
$ sudo init 3
$ sudo dnf swap @gnome-desktop @kde-desktop

# Example: Swapping from GNOME to XFCE
# Note that xfce-desktop does exist, but it is missing a few pieces.
$ sudo init 3
$ sudo dnf swap @gnome-desktop @xfce-desktop-environment

This will safely swap the package groups from one to the next, the gnome desktop environment with the kde environment. It is recommended that it is ran in multi-user.target (or init level 3 for those who remember). When the swap is complete, reboot.

Upon logging into XFCE, desktop freezes until you switch to another TTY

If you have FullCompositionPipeline enabled in Nvidia settings, you may run into this problem. This is a long standing bug, see #14950. The solution is to either edit or delete $HOME/.config/xfce4/xfconf/xfce-perchannel-xml/displays.xml. Use a different mechanism for setting up your displays.

Alternative fonts

There is a COPR repo called better fonts which adds an alternative font stack and adds some settings for font rendering. Whether or not it’s “better” is subjective, but it adds alternatives for fonts like Arial.

Since the project is GNOME based, you will have to make a couple of manual changes for XFCE. Go to Settings -> Appearance -> Fonts, change Hinting to Slight and Sub-pixel order to RGB.

Video thumbnails

If you use XFCE and Thunar, video thumbnails might not work out of the box. You need to install tumbler-extras and gstreamer1-libav. While the latter is not listed as a dependency, it will cause mysterious errors because the thumbnailer uses ffmpeg (libav is a ffmpeg fork) under the hood.

Stop Flatpak Spotify from crashing upon close

You can either use flatpak override or Flatseal (a GUI application to manage permissions), but simply disable GPU Acceleration (device=dri).

statvfs ‘/run/user/1000/doc’ failed: Operation not permitted

This diagnostic appears to originate from xdg-desktop-portal. /run/user/1000/doc has the fuse_t label and only the owner (not even root) has access to this directory, i.e it is intended behavior. Therefore you can safely ignore the warning.