Original author: Tommy Nguyen

Last modified: Mon Aug 1 17:02

Powerline is a statusline plugin that will work for both vim and terminal emulators. It makes your statusline look like this:


Installing via dnf

Just do:

dnf install powerline

The RPM will also install the Powerline fonts.

Then consult the powerline documentation for using it with your program of choice. For vim and tmux, RPMs are available that already handle the configuration.

Enabling powerline (installed via dnf)


Add this to ~/.config/fish/config.fish:

set fish_function_path $fish_function_path "{repository_root}/powerline/fish"

If you used the dnf method, {repository_root} will be /usr/share/.


Alternatively, you can use another powerline-enabled theme provided by oh-my-fish.

curl -L https://get.oh-my.fish > install
curl -L https://raw.githubusercontent.com/oh-my-fish/oh-my-fish/master/bin/install.sha256 > install.256
sha256sum -c install.256
fish install --path=~/.local/share/omf --config=~/.config/omf
omf install bobthefish
omf theme bobthefish

If present, remove powerline-setup from your Fish config.


The package is called vim-powerline. Once you install the RPM, no extra configuration or steps are necessary. Again, all of the files are installed to /usr/share/.


Because Fedora is trying to go full python 3, the powerline package is only compiled with python 3 support. In order to force vim to use python 3, place this at the top of your ~/.vimrc:

if has('python3')

Note you risk breaking any vim plugins that require python 2.

Credit goes to https://robertbasic.com/blog/force-python-version-in-vim/


The package is called tmux-powerline.