Getting started

To save yourself time, you may prefer to download a respin ISO that has updates preinstalled. The WORK ISO comes with GNOME. Fedora only supports the use of base and rpmfusion for packages. However, if you insist on using negativo17, you will need to either:

  • Not have RPMFusion enabled
  • Have RPMFusion enabled but use priorities to ensure negativo17 is used before rpmfusion

This is because they are not compatible with each other.

Some other notes:

  • gstreamer 0.10 is deprecated, install gstreamer1.
  • negativo17 users, libmpg123 is now mpg123

The negativo17 repositories and Nvidia drivers article contains more information.

Please don’t use Skype unless you enjoy having the NSA read your messages. Finally, check out the Pulseaudio articles on troubleshooting tips.