EX407 Exam Prep

Original author: nazunalika

Last modified: Mon Aug 1 17:02

This page contains the necessary resources to help you prepare for the Red Hat Certified Specialist in Ansible Automation exam, EX407. This follows loosely the youtube playlist as much as possible with various examples and ideas. At the bottom, you will also find our own example practice exam for you to try your hand at to test your knowledge.

The list of objectives can be found here. Note that the exam objectives can change at any time. It is the responsibility of the reader to always review the objectives prior to studying and taking the exam to ensure success.


Affiliation and Exam Information

Please note that we are not affiliated with Red Hat. The materials and examples used are our own and do not reflect the training programs provided by Red Hat and are educational only. We do not disclose any of the tasks, questions, or material on the exam as it would violate the NDA. Any questions sent to us about anything directly related to the exam will not be answered. We also do not provide any one-on-one tutoring or online teaching courses.

If exam objectives have changed to where the videos and this material are missing information, we can add on at any time upon request. If exam objectives have not changed but operational tasks have, we will note them as we find them. If there are things about FreeIPA that you’d like to see in the videos that may fit into objective, we can add it also upon request. However, it is likely those extra things would be better suited in the separate FreeIPA section on this site.


This page once went over some ideas for passing this exam. However, the EX294 (RHCE 8) exam does handle a lot of this stuff already, as is. If you study and pass the EX294, you are very likely ready to take the EX407 and pass it as well.